Program Overview

Mighty Man Ministry is a Christian recovery and leadership training program. We begin with a 12 month recovery process and offer further training for those who desire.

The 12 Month Process

PFL – (4-6 weeks) This is our orientation class where a man is exposed to basic recovery principles and learns what is expected of him at the farm.

MRT – (8-10 months) Moral Reconnation Therapy is the backbone of our recovery program. During this time a man will learn about his faulty beliefs, behaviors and attitudes which have imprisoned him and those around him. Through the healing power of the Holy Spirit, he will learn new behaviors more conducive to Christian living.

Servant Leadership Training

SLT – This is a VOLUNTARY 12 month commitment for those who either feel they are called to addiction ministry or simply are not yet ready to return home.

On-The-Job Training

OJT – This is another VOLUNTARY 12 month comitment for those who feel called to addiction ministry.